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6 pm on Friday - as a business owner, you probably finally wrap up your work week. But at this moment, your phone rings. One of your significant customers reports that your website doesn't work for 2 hours already. Does it sound familiar? Maybe you have been in such a situation. Or perhaps you are afraid that this could happen to you?


Unfortunately, many business owners try to create flawless websites. The statics in this matter are inexorable - there is no such thing as a robust website. This is why you must know about the issue before your customers do - we are here to help you with that!

Is your website working properly
right now?

What you need to do?


Record new tests just by clicking your app or running the code.


Run all your tests in a cloud, for every version of your product at the same time.



Edit it as a movie. Add multiple parametrizations.
Everything without a single line of code!



Get detailed reports about each build. Mini changes detection included.

We care about your business process


Process monitoring

Check if your customers are able to go through the entire business process, e.g., are they able to log in and buy something in your eCommerce? Are they able to complete the form correctly? If not, at what point do they failed?


Website monitroing

You're probably already monitoring that your web server is working, but are you monitoring that your website is working properly? Is it available to customers from all over the world, and are all elements displayed correctly?


SSL monitoring

Check if your browser solution works properly from a security perspective. What if the website's certificate has expired or there is a problem with the security of monitored transactions along the way?


Integrations build in

Easily integrate with existing, great monitoring systems like Zabbix or Nagios through our API. Admit that monitoring the entire process is much more than saying, "200 OK". This way you will look at your systems from a new perspective.


Easy to use

We promise it will be easy and fun. You don't need to know how to code, you don't have to learn complicated tools for hours. Just click on the ideal situation and the pattern from which deviations will be registered automatically.


Thats not all

Our tool is constantly evolving and the new functions we are working on will blow you away. With our monitoring, you will enter a whole new level of information about your systems from the perspective of your customers.

Join TestCLIX now with the option you prefer!

€1 per month

Run a single test every 24 hours

The quickest way to start. Monitor your business once a day to get information about functional and SSL certificate errors.

best seller

€2 per month

Run a single test every 6 hours

The most popular option. Monitor your website from time-to-time to verify that everything is on track and your customers are happy.

€34 per month

Run a single test every 5 minutes

The most sophisticated way of testing. Check your website on a regular basis, and get to know about errors almost instantly.

Create your first test for free!

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